We realize that international trade issues can be challenging. Our customs experts can guide you.

Need to clear customs fast? Our experienced technical experts can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with our customs-clearance network. How? By taking advantage of the latest Customs release initiatives and reviewing your goods to make sure they comply with product-specific regulations.

Easy & Convenient

We make it easy for our customers to conveniently move their shipments without any hassle.

Safe & Secure

Non-compliance with standards and over stepping the prescribed safety measures by a small segment of shippers are posing challenges to cargo security.

Special Services

  • Temporay Import Shipments:

    Temporary import shipments are tax- and duty-free importation of goods that are meant to stay within a certain country for a limited period of time.

  • Duty Drawback:

    Duty Drawback is a refund of excise or import duty paid on goods that are exported. This refund can be in part or the full amount paid by the trader against the import duty, which includes customs duty, sales tax, and any other refundable fee levied.

  • Cargo In Transit:

    cargo that is moved from an origin point across international borders to another country over land is termed as ''Cargo in transit''.

Special Solutions

We’re happy to support you with important documents. No matter what you require of us: we will provide you with a suitable cargo solution – On time delivery Don’t worry Be happy!

  • Valuation
  • Duty/tax recovery
  • Specific product requirements
  • Compliance Audits
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